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Competition: Win lunch for a week courtesy of Graze.com

Graze.com competition win a graze box for a week

Email Marketing Manual, in association with sponsors pure360.com and the fantastic team at graze.com is launching its first ever competition.

Graze support healthy eating with their incredible graze boxes via post so you can eat freshly prepared and personalised lunches without even leaving your desk.

How To Enter - This Competion is now CLOSED.

Entries will close at mid-day on June 29th, With the winner being announced in the July edition of the Email Marketing Manual Newsletter.

*subject to terms and conditions

What are the funniest, or most bizarre subject lines that you've ever seen?

Brighton Argus do have the best headlines

Brighton has a rather unique local daily newspaper (The Argus), it is at times one of the funniest reads, purely for their unique take on headlines and A-boards which can be found on most streets in the city.

Subject lines draw heavy comparison with the wonderous art of making headlines.

They're intended to draw our attention and incentivise us to read on. For many marketers, this comes with ease, for others.. well take a look at this list of rather unique subject lines.



Thank you to all who responded via the Twitter feed, @mitchitized for contributing our #1 pet peeve the RE: send, @camicazee, @faithyj also providing us with some great one liners and are entered into the prize draw.

3 FREE graze boxes


Mon, 04/20/2009 - 10:09 — Anonymous


this was a headline in the

this was a headline in the South London Press - I know alot of people like KFC, but some people go too far when they haven't got enough cash for a Zinger Burger. http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/71221669/

Had a few spam classics

Had a few spam classics recently notably "hang out with your wang out" "your verile stamina will return to you like a boomerang"

our subject line was 'FRESH

our subject line was 'FRESH JAM DOGG' and here is the html page: http://tinyurl.com/cb4jn5

Thanks Mark for your

Thanks Mark for your contribution. Even though they haven't got an online version, your entry is accepted. Thanks for taking part! Don't forget to share this competition with your friends for their chance to win.

Have you been a Swine lately?

Have you been a Swine lately? Feeling sneezy? Uh oh.

Save £3 when you spend

Save £3 when you spend £30 So thats 10% yea?... or does this only apply if i spend bang on £30... it put me off if anything when I saw I had £31.50 in my cart - i didnt bother checking out. http://email.zavvicare.co.uk/public/read_message.jsp?mid=600062528&utm_s... I was amused any way... curious on the success, maybe they were split testing and I houldnt moan, they could after all not give me anything off at all More amusing is probably: SEX WITH SLUGS - WORKING FOR THE RADIOACTIVE PAEDO - DATING THE DRUG DEALER Ah you crazy vice guys (13th March) made me open - Oh, they choose not to have a hosted version, thats not going to win me lunch is it!?

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